Education Partner


The Texas Center at Schreiner University serves as a resource for the citizens of the Lone Star State and presents an approach that serves to teach in a way that explains instead of blames. Our approach is clear-eyed and honest about all aspects of Texas life and the role of people from all backgrounds, confident the story will be an optimistic and authentic tale of our home and its role in the nation and the world.

There is an urgency to our task. Changes in demographics will clearly change the texture of how we see ourselves. By 2050, there will be nearly twice as many Texans as there are today. What will these natives and newcomers know about this state? How will they feel about their inheritance? What is the story we will tell them? How will they find their place in this story? What Texas needs is an honest broker—a referee for these important conversations.

That is The Texas Center at Schreiner University.


The Texas Center at Schreiner University in Kerrville will serve as the official judging committee for the I Am Texas Contest, enlisting the aid of humanities and education faculty and students in selecting the winning middle school and high school finalists. These students also have the chance to win a regional award and even be selected as the Editor’s Choice recipient by Brad Meltzer. 

Each of our award-winning authors and artists will earn a $20,000 scholarship to Schreiner University—”where the Texas virtues of grit, determination, and self-reliance have room to breathe and grow.”