I Am Texas is now an Annual Competiton that launched after 1,000 kids made history together in 2022 by breaking the Guinness World Record for the Largest Published Book in the World (by kids)! We encourage kids to share their Texas story through writing and art. Help us spread the mission of The Bryan Museum by giving students opportunities to build confidence, use their voice, and preserve our Texas history by bringing it to life for the next generation.




The iWRITE Nonprofit Organization builds writing confidence for students in grades 3-12 through fun writing and publishing programs designed by real authors. Our mission at iWRITE is to build student confidence through writing.

The Bryan Museum

The mission of The Bryan Museum is to bring the history of Texas and the American West to life. Through its world-class collections, exhibitions, and educational history and literacy programs, students of all ages get a chance to experience the stories of yesterday and write the stories of tomorrow.

Ordinary People
Change the World

This isn’t just a book series. It’s our dream for our daughters. Our dream for our sons. Our dream for all of us who need to see the power of an ordinary person… And the power — and potential — in each of us. Together, we’re building an army of smart children, arming them with lessons of compassion, kindness and justice. Come join us for the ride.