The iWRITE Organization and The Bryan Museum are partnering with New York Times bestselling author and illustrator team, Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos, to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest published book in the World called I Am Texas!

Let’s break the record together. To break the record, we’ll be creating a massive book (over 7 feet tall!) that will be displayed at The Bryan Museum, alongside its Texas and American West collection of historical artifacts, books, and artwork.

One-thousand students will have the chance to be published and become part of Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos’s, Ordinary People Change the World series and winners will walk the red carpet at our annual book signing event in the fall.

“I believe in regular people and their ability to affect change in this world.” – Brad Meltzer


Editor’s Choice Award

Each year, our editors choose their favorite stories and poems for special recognition. This year, two exceptional writers who find a memorable way to incorporate the Texas theme into their work will be featured at the annual book signing and gala.

The chosen authors in the Story (Fiction or Nonfiction) and Poetry categories will have demonstrated the highest level of technique and creativity and will read their work at the annual book signing celebration. In addition to the Editor’s Choice Award, they will receive prize money and additional opportunities to speak on behalf of the organization and to be featured in media interviews.

This year, New York Times best-selling author of the Ordinary People Change the World series, Brad Meltzer, will personally select the Editor’s Choice winners.

Student artists are able to submit artwork that will be featured in the book. Artwork that displays the “I Am Texas” theme and presents the highest level of technique and creativity will be included in the book and personally selected by the illustrator of the New York Times bestselling Ordinary People Change the World series, Christopher Eliopoulos. Christopher Eliopoulos will also be illustrating the book cover for I am Texas!

The Featured Illustrator will be recognized at the annual book signing celebration and will receive the Featured Illustrator Award along with prize money.

Winners Walk the Red Carpet

Published authors will walk the red carpet and autograph books for guests at an exclusive book signing event.

Here’s what you need to know:


Writing Awards
*Writers will win a laptop or iPAD from The Texas Center at Schreiner University in addition to the prizes listed below.

Editor’s Choice – story – $2000
Editor’s Choice – poetry – $2000
5 Texas Regional Winners – $500 each
1 Honorary Texan (Out of State) winner – $500

Art Awards

1st Place Featured Artist – $2000
2nd Place – $1000
5 Texas Regional Winners – $500 each
1 Honorary Texan (Out of State) winner – $500

Every published author or artist who wins an above award will also receive a $20,000 scholarship (over 4 years) to Schreiner University.



Authors & Illustrators


Large Book


Publication Copies


Texas Stories




The iWRITE Nonprofit Organization builds writing confidence for students in grades 3-12 through fun writing and publishing programs designed by real authors. Our mission at iWRITE is to build student confidence through writing.

The Bryan Museum

The mission of The Bryan Museum is to bring the history of Texas and the American West to life. Through its world-class collections, exhibitions, and educational history and literacy programs, students of all ages get a chance to experience the stories of yesterday and write the stories of tomorrow.

Ordinary People
Change the World

This isn’t just a book series. It’s our dream for our daughters. Our dream for our sons. Our dream for all of us who need to see the power of an ordinary person… And the power — and potential — in each of us. Together, we’re building an army of smart children, arming them with lessons of compassion, kindness and justice. Come join us for the ride.


Education Partner

The Texas Center at Schreiner University serves as a resource for the citizens of the Lone Star State and presents an approach that serves to teach in a way that explains instead of blames. Our approach is clear-eyed and honest about all aspects of Texas life and the role of people from all backgrounds, confident the story will be an optimistic and authentic tale of our home and its role in the nation and the world.

There is an urgency to our task. Changes in demographics will clearly change the texture of how we see ourselves. By 2050, there will be nearly twice as many Texans as there are today. What will these natives and newcomers know about this state? How will they feel about their inheritance? What is the story we will tell them? How will they find their place in this story? What Texas needs is an honest broker—a referee for these important conversations.

That is The Texas Center at Schreiner University.


The Texas Center at Schreiner University in Kerrville will serve as the official judging committee for the I Am Texas Contest, enlisting the aid of humanities and education faculty and students in selecting the winning middle school and high school finalists. These students also have the chance to win a regional award and even be selected as the Editor’s Choice recipient by Brad Meltzer. 

Each of our award-winning authors and artists will earn a $20,000 scholarship to Schreiner University—”where the Texas virtues of grit, determination, and self-reliance have room to breathe and grow.”


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